DISCOVER Magazine Presents the Top 100 Science Stories of 2007

‘The Year in Science,’ on Stands Now, Focuses on 2007 Breakthroughs    NEW YORK, Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ — DISCOVER Magazine presents the top 100 science stories of 2007 in its annual January issue entitled “The Year in Science.” The issue hits newsstands today.
“We chose these 100 stories not only because of their news value but because they focus on breakthroughs that are changing the way we view the world,” said Corey S. Powell, Executive Editor of DISCOVER Magazine. “This issue is an opportunity to reflect on the scientific advancements that made an impact on everyday life this past year, and which will undeniably have an impact going forward.”

    The top ten stories are:

China’s Syndrome
Numerous reports of contaminated Chinese imports and rising pollution sparked anxiety across the globe and revealed the negative consequences of the country’s rapid economic growth; Also, Discover presents a related web-exclusive feature: The Smoking Torch 

Reawakening the Dormant Mind
A deep-brain stimulator (DBS) revived a comatose patient — and redefined our understanding of human consciousness;

Pioneering observations of planets around other stars (and the implication for finding life elsewhere in the universe) made Dr. David Charbonneau DISCOVER Magazine’s 2007 Scientist of the Year;

Arctic Thaw
Rapidly melting ice in the Arctic sea sent the U.S. and its foreign competitors into a frenzy as they search for new routes to the Northern territory;

Rx for the FDA
Faced with controversies over recalls and adverse drug effects, and armed with new federal legislation, the agency made an effort to boost its credibility;

Conservation Gets a Green Light
Experts looking for alternatives to fossil fuels suggested that new
           standards for efficient lighting could bring startling savings;

Dark Matters
Astronomers unveiled a new map of the mysterious particles that
           play a surprisingly large role in forming and shaping galaxies –
           and may have caused the first giant black holes; Also. Discover
           presents a related web-exclusive feature: A (Dark) Matter of Time    (

     — Can Vitamin D Save Your Life?
         – New studies indicated that Vitamin D plays a more vital role than
           previously thought in the prevention of many deadly illnesses,
           including multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, schizophrenia, and
           several forms of cancer;

     — The Genome Turns Personal
    – A geneticist became the first person ever to publish his entire DNA

           sequence in a scientific journal and began to unravel the     mystery

           of individual genetic predispositions to disease; and

T. Rex Time Machine
A North Carolina State University paleontologist excavated proteins from 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex bones which bore a striking resemblance to modern chickens, proving that molecular analysis is possible in materials millions of years old.

    Also included in the issue’s round-up of noteworthy science stories: how to erase a single memory, the first-ever case of semi-identical human twins, how lightning storms in Africa could be linked to U.S. hurricanes, a powerful glue inspired by a gecko’s foot, and: is pollution to blame for a noticeable decline in the birth of male babies?


DISCOVER poses essential questions and tackles highly topical, sometimes controversial issues on the cutting edge of science, technology and the future. The magazine’s mandate is to unlock the mysteries of science in a way that reveals its wonder and captures the imagination of its readers. Every month, DISCOVER features the groundbreaking innovators and seminal thought leaders in science and technology who are shaping tomorrow’s world today.  DISCOVER is published by DISCOVER Media LLC.

DISCOVER is online at


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