Body Worlds St. Louis Tops 100,000 – Breaks Previous Records

BODY WORLDS 3 on Record-Setting Pace; Tops 100,000 Tickets Sold

Travelers at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport get a Sneak Preview of BODY WORLDS 3
Incredible “Six Meter Woman” plastinate installed in airport main terminal ticketing hall

ST. LOUIS, November 20, 2007 ? The blockbuster exhibition BODY WORLDS 3 is on a record-setting pace at the Saint Louis Science Center, more than doubling the previous tickets sold in the first month of any prior presentation.
More than 100,000 tickets to BODY WORLDS 3 were sold as of Monday, November 19. It opened exactly one month ago. By comparison, ticket sales of Titanic in 2001?the previous record-holder?totaled 45,000 in the first month of public display. The popular Grossology exhibition opened in 2000 and sold 42,000 tickets in its first month.
BODY WORLDS 3 has proven to be everything we thought it would be in Saint Louis and more.” said Doug King, President & CEO of the Science Center. “Our patrons are fascinated, amazed, and enthralled by this thought-provoking exhibition.”
The reach of BODY WORLDS 3 is expanding as air travelers making their way through Lambert-St. Louis International Airport over the busy travel weekend will get a special sneak preview of the highly-acclaimed exhibition. BODY WORLDS 3 has installed an incredible Six Meter Woman specimen in Lambert?s Main Terminal Ticketing Hall. The specimen will remain in the airport through the run of the exhibition, which ends on March 2, 2008.
The Six Meter Woman is a transparent, plastinated body comprised of 83 slices representing all of the body?s regions.  Placement of the body slices at 12 cm intervals permits viewers to look more deeply into the body.
Created by Dr. Gunther von Hagens, BODY WORLDS 3 is the culmination of the German scientist and physician?s 30-year career in anatomy. Like its predecessors, BODY WORLDS 3 presents more than 200 authentic specimens, including organs and whole body specimens, that have undergone Plastination?von Hagens? groundbreaking method of halting decomposition and preserving the body after death for medical study, which he invented in 1977.
Tickets to BODY WORLDS 3 are available and can be purchased at or by calling 314-421-4400. Advance purchase is recommended and group rates are available.  For full ticket information, including a listing of extended hours, visit


BODY  WORLDS 3 is a collaboration between donor, anatomist, and visitor. It is the only public anatomical exhibition that relies on the generosity of body donors?individuals who willed that upon their death, their bodies could be used for the education of many. Excluding a small number of specimens from museum anatomical collections and anatomy programs, the plastinates on display stem from a body donation program begun in 1982 by Dr. von Hagens, now managed by the Institute for Plastination in Heidelberg. The exhibitions have now been seen by more than 20 million people around the world. For more information visit
About the Saint Louis Science Center
The Saint Louis Science Center is one of the top five science centers in the United States, serving 1.2 million visitors annually. Recently named one of America?s most visited museums by Forbes Traveler, the Saint Louis Science Center complex includes a four-story OMNIMAX® Theater, the air-supported Montgomery Bank EXPLORADOME®, the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, and the state-of-the-art Taylor Community Science Resource Center. The goals of the Saint Louis Science Center are to educate, inspire and motivate visitors of all ages and engage the community in public dialogue about science-related issues of the day. For more information about the Saint Louis Science Center and its programs, visit
About Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
Lambert is the 33rd busiest airport in the U.S. as ranked by Airports Council International-North America. Lambert serves more than 15 million passengers a year with 360 daily departures to 77 national and international destinations. For more information on flights and services at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, log onto


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