BODY WORLDS 3 Sprints to the Finish Line with 63-Hour Marathon

Saint Louis Science Center Open Around the Clock for FInal Three Days of ExhibitionWhat:
Due to overwhelming visitor demand, the Saint Louis Science Center is keeping the BODY WORLDS 3 exhibition open for 63 continuous hours starting at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, February 29, and concluding at midnight Sunday, March 2 (technically Monday morning).

The home stretch of BODY WORLDS 3 offers much more than just the magnificent exhibition. The Science Center, with BODY WORLDS 3, is offering visitors a chance to win a trip for two, courtesy of Archview Travel, to Los Angeles to see BODY WORLDS 3 at its next stop. Free food and drinks are available during the overnight hours, along with live music and appearances by some local celebrities.

Similar BODY WORLDS finales in other markets have drawn more than 25,000 attendees over three days, and Science Center officials expect nearly that many at their marathon.

“We want to make sure anyone in the St. Louis area with the desire to see BODY WORLDS 3 has every chance to do so,” said Brad Nuccio, Senior Vice President of the Saint Louis Science Center. “Even if they’ve already seen it, this is a unique opportunity for people to see it again from a different perspective, at any hour of the night or day.”

To provide listeners with inside information on all the weekend?s festivities, Jon Grayson from KMOX is broadcasting his show live from the lobby Friday night, and Jeff Burton from The Point is doing the same Saturday. Visitors can catch a glimpse of a few of the River City Rascals during the marathon and see the local St. Louis band The Takedown play a special acoustic set on Sunday night.

Visitors don’t need to worry about staying awake during late-night ticket times, thanks to complimentary caffeine fixes from Park Avenue Coffee and Pepsi?s AMP EnergyTM. The early birds can munch on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and enjoy not only the special Chauvin Coffee Co. roasts from Park Avenue Coffee, but its world-famous gooey butter cake, as BODY WORLDS 3 leaps to its conclusion.

9:00 a.m., Friday, February 29, 2008 ? 11:59 p.m., Sunday, March 2, 2008.

Saint Louis Science Center
5050 Oalkand Avenue

Single Ticket Prices:
Adults (19-61) – $18
Child/Youth (4-18) – $12
Senior/Student (62+) – $15.50

Member Ticket Prices:
Adult (19-61) – $15
Child/Youth (4-18) – $11
Senior (62+) – $13

Group Ticket Prices:
Adult (19-61) – $16.50
Student/Youth Group (K-12) – $9
Senior/College Group – $12
A group is 10 or more people

Tickets to BODY WORLDS 3 at the Saint Louis Science Center can be purchased at or by calling 314.421.4400. Member-discounted tickets can be purchased at or by calling 314.289.4464. Advance purchase is recommended. For complete ticket information, visit

BODY WORLDS 3, the record-breaking, blockbuster exhibition will end its run at the Science Center on Sunday evening, March 2, 2008.

Media Contacts:
Beth Bishop
Saint Louis Science Center
314.289.1455 or 314.267.9916

Amy Burger
Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS 3

BODY  WORLDS 3 is collaboration between donor, anatomist, and visitor. It is the only public anatomical exhibition that relies on the generosity of body donors-individuals who willed that upon their death, their bodies could be used for the education of many. Excluding a small number of specimens from museum anatomical collections and anatomy programs, the plastinates on display stem from a body donation program begun in 1982 by Dr. von Hagens, now managed by the Institute for Plastination in Heidelberg. The exhibitions have now been seen by more than 25 million people around the world. For more information visit

Thank you for your interest in covering the Saint Louis Science Center. We ask that you include the full names of our institution: Saint Louis Science Center, OMNIMAX® Theater, and James S. McDonnell Planetarium when writing your story.

Saint Louis Science Center
The Saint Louis Science Center is one of the top five science centers in the United States, serving 1.2 million visitors annually. Recently named one of America?s most visited museums by Forbes Traveler Magazine ? the only museum in Missouri to be named to that list – the Saint Louis Science Center complex includes a four-story OMNIMAX® Theater, the air-supported EXPLORADOME®, the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, and the state-of-the-art Taylor Community Science Resource Center. The goals of the Saint Louis Science Center are to educate, inspire and motivate visitors of all ages and engage the community in public dialogue about science-related issues of the day. For more information about the Saint Louis Science Center and its programs, visit


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