Taiwan Winds Soar in St. Louis

The Saint Louis Science Center and the Greater St. Louis Chapter of the Taiwanese Association of America (TAA-STL) present Taiwan Winds Soar in St. Louis, an outdoor, heritage festival on Saturday, May 3.

The highlight of the day, which celebrates Taiwanese American Heritage Week, comes when internationally recognized kite-maker Buteo Huang flies, for the first time, his new masterpiece, a prehistoric pterosaur kite with a wingspan of more than 20 feet that will be placed on permanent display at the Science Center.

In addition to the pterosaur kite’s inaugural flight, Taiwan Winds offers visitors the opportunity to:

  • Make and fly a kite of their own
  • Sample cuisine from local Taiwanese restaurants
  • Experience Taiwanese cultural performances
  • Learn about feats of Taiwanese engineering and architecture

In addition, there will be several workshops on Sunday, May 4, including:

  • The Secrets of the Pterosaur – kite workshop presented by Huang himself
  • The Marvel of Taipei 101 – architectural wonders of the world’s tallest building
  • Sense of Tea – tea ceremony and tasting of various Taiwanese tea blends and discussion about their health benefits

Taiwan Winds also features information about Taiwanese heritage as well as an exhibition of more than 30 other kites designed by Huang on display inside the Science Center through mid-June. Don’t miss out on this truly inspiring program of stimulating aerial visions and diversity appreciation.


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