Sea Monsters Sighting at the Museum of Science, Boston

Giant-Screen Film Opens on New England’s Only 180-Degree Dome Screen

BOSTON — On December 22, 2007, Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure will open in the newly renovated Mugar Omni Theater at the Museum of Science, Boston. Eighty million years ago, Earth was a very different place. Europe was small group of Islands and places like U.S. Midwest were completely underwater. Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure transports viewers back to this world and brings them face to face with the dinosaurs of the deep.

Sea Monsters follows a family of Dolichorhynchops , also known as “Dollies,” as they swim ancient waters inhabited by fascinating creatures like saber-toothed fish, prehistoric sharks, and giant squid. Audiences will discover how scientists have been able to identify the physical and behavioral characteristics of these animals with the help of modern-day technologies. Read the rest of this entry »