E-Motion Cone Reinstalled On Carnegie Science Center Roof

August Storms Caused $650,000 In Damages

PITTSBURGH — The E-Motion Cone was reinstalled on the roof of the Carnegie Science Center Thursday.
The giant cone was severely damaged in severe thunderstorms that caused $650,000 in damage at the Science Center last August. Construction is still under way to repair a large section of the Science Center’s facade.
Reinstallation of the E-Motion was delayed while contractors waited for replacement fabric from France-based Ferrari Textiles. The outer material of the cone is made of highly-resilient, polyester-based PVC-coated fabric.
The E-Motion sustained nearly $150,000 in damage from the August storm. A computerized lighting system displays different colored lights on the 44-foot-tall, 66-foot-wide cone based on forecasted weather.