McCain VP Pick Palin, Supporter of Creationism

According to an article in Politico today, Sarah Palin, the surprise Vice Presidential pick of Senator John McCain is a supporter of creationism and has argued it should be taught along side evolution in schools.

Palin’s conservative credentials certainly aren’t in question. Among other things, she has backed the teaching of “intelligent design” as an alternative to evolution. “I am a proponent of teaching both [evolution and intelligent design],” Palin said in a debate during her run for the governor’s office. “And, you know, I say this, too, as the daughter of a science teacher. Growing up with being so privileged and blessed to be given a lot of information on, on both sides of the subject — creationism and evolution.”



ST. LOUIS – St. Louis and its award-winning Saint Louis Science Center have won a national competition to host SciFest 08: International Science Festival/St. Louis. Festival organizers selected St. Louis from a list of cities that included New York City, Boston and San Francisco. Local experts predict the festival will bring an estimated 90,000 visitors to the city and $4.7 million in tourism revenue in its first three years. Read the rest of this entry »

DISCOVER Magazine Presents the Top 100 Science Stories of 2007

‘The Year in Science,’ on Stands Now, Focuses on 2007 Breakthroughs    NEW YORK, Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ — DISCOVER Magazine presents the top 100 science stories of 2007 in its annual January issue entitled “The Year in Science.” The issue hits newsstands today.
“We chose these 100 stories not only because of their news value but because they focus on breakthroughs that are changing the way we view the world,” said Corey S. Powell, Executive Editor of DISCOVER Magazine. “This issue is an opportunity to reflect on the scientific advancements that made an impact on everyday life this past year, and which will undeniably have an impact going forward.”

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